Forest school is an outdoor education model where students spend time in natural spaces while learning personal, social and technical skills. Learning is all play-based and child-led. Our woodland space is made as safe as possible. It’s also important to allow children to take calculated risks like jumping and climbing. We can’t learn unless we try!

The children notice the natural world around them during Forest School. There is nothing like learning about the seasons while outside – actually feeling the wind in your hair. When the leaves appear on the trees and the daffodils pop up the children notice how the seasons are changing.

We use real life tools and fire to cook. Children feel powerful and appreciated when they eat and share something they have created. Their confidence grows as their skills develop and they stretch themselves further each day.

We have wide open space where children can feel free. They can run, hide, make dens, be alone or play in a group – they decide. Children use their imagination with props like rocks, sticks, flowers and pine cones. As the year goes on we see how children growing and changing as they make friends, independence and skills. Children thrive in the Forest School environment.